maandag 9 augustus 2004

Everyone a new suit

A dream. I walk through a town with half-timbered houses. A black suit in a garment bag hangs on all front doors. I ask myself why. At some point I meet a man in a black suit and hat, presumably a rabbi. He wonders the same. Suddenly he changes his mind, runs a few blocks back to the parking lot where his car is. I run along with him. He takes his cell phone out of the glove compartment, presses some keys, looks at the screen, then smiles understandingly. He tells me what's going on. He sent his tailor a text message saying “Thank you and everyone, please have a new suit at the door”. But apparently the comma didn't come across and the tailor read: "and everyone please a new suit at the door". That's why the city is covered with black suits.

When I woke up I wondered how my dream maker comes up with something like this. I don't see any meaning, it's just a simple pun. There was quite a long time between walking around the city with the suits at the door, while I didn't understand why, and the punch line at the end. I can't recall ever hearing or reading a story like this anywhere. It would be something for a modern version of the musical Fiddler on the roof. 

Translation of Iedereen een nieuw pak 

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