vrijdag 25 april 2008

Servant Seeks Sponsor

Vandaag ontving ik dit verzoek van Martina Manu Kabba uit Freetown, Sierra Leone (links door mij toegevoegd):

Dear Ytzen,

Can you please post this letter on your site, open letter of request for any like minded individual to sponsor my hotel stay for a week, to attend the International Caux Conference 2008 on the theme Global Servant Leadership, contributing to human security, taking place from the 3rd to the 7th July 2008 in Switzerland, Geneva.

I want to participate on behalf of the new women's organization I have established here in Freetown, Womens' International Coalition Organization, Sierra Leone Chapter. As you know this will further enhance my delivery capacity and will enable me to meet like-minded Africans and others in creators of peace.

I hope to get a feedback from you. Thankz.

Manu >>> WICOSL sponsor letter Manu (Word-doc, 1p)

Programme Caux Conference 3-9 July 2008 (PDF, 2p)

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