woensdag 21 september 2016

Passing our lives

Isatu Sesay passed away at the first day of this year. She passed our lives and left a deep impression. Her footprints are still here. Only 32 years old, full of plans and hopes, she suddenly had to leave her beloved son and family behind, for who she so passionately and loyally took care every day. This week, thinking of her on her birthday, she will be especially missed.

One Sunday afternoon, while she was preparing food at the back of her house, I took this picture of her. In fact, it's one of the rare pictures on which she's not smiling. Yet, at that moment she was relaxed and satisfied, accepting every day as a gift. Thank God, she suddenly said. When I asked her why, she told me right there how grateful she was for life.
Isatu (21.09.1983-01.01.2016) and her sisters

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