zondag 5 augustus 2018

Dig this

Seven temporary workers on a waterproject in Sierra Leone have succesfully finished their training to operate digger machines and cranes. A construction company called BAM, based in Bunnik near Utrecht in the Netherlands, works on a big project to improve the water supply of the Sierra Leonean capital Freetown. The water supply in Freetown is often interrupted due to lack of water and leakages. Access to water has hardly improved since the end of the civil war in 2002.

The project includes repairs and improvement of the Guma Valley water works and Guma Valley Dam as well as the main pipelines and water network of Freetown. It will reduce leakages and better manage the water pressure. The Guma Dam provides the biggest water reservoir for the Sierra Leonean capital.

This so called 'Engineering Management Services Project for the Rehabilitation of Freetown Water Supply' is funded by the UK government through the Department for International Development.

Construction company BAM sent seven of the local workers to Norfolk in England to get a training on all kinds of digger machines and cranes. With their diploma their chances to find a new job, after the project is finished, will be much better.

Text: Ytzen Lont, sources:
BAMinternational.com (English)
Cobouw.nl (Dutch)

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