zaterdag 16 maart 2019

Let them flog me

This young Nigerian girl is tired of being sent home again to collect her school fee. She wants to stay in class. She'd rather be beaten than sent back home every time. She challenges her teacher to flog her. She's ready to stand up and bear the pain. Angrily she points out that they will be tired of flogging her before she'll give up. They say I'm stubborn, she says while walking away. I'll show them how stubborn I am.

In a few days the video gained attention from many people. Among them was Nollywood film producer and business man Charles Okpaleke. On Instagram he asks: "Who can genuinly track down the little girl's parents? I'll pay her school fees till she's done with university".

Also philantropist Oluseyi Ayodele Odewale, a.k.a. KBK, has pledged to help her, and has apparently already spoken to the girl's parents. KBK stands for the Kindest Brother Known as well as Koboko, meaning Whip. "KBK's motive is to whip out suffering from the lives of his fellow Nigerians".

The little girl is an inspiring example of African women's strength. She will not only need the money but also her stubborness to beat the system, or poor people will always be dependent on 'luck'.

With thanks to Annabell from Sierra Leone for sharing and explaining this video. 
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Wikipedia about Charles Okpaleke * I love KBK about KBK-foundation

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