dinsdag 2 maart 2021


In the Summer of 1980 my girlfriend and I stayed and worked at a minifarm in a idyllic hippie-like environment on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Our host was Lillian, mother of two little boys then. We took care of the vegetable garden, two goats, an ox and a number of chickens. I learned to milk the goats, and I celebrated my 25th birthday there, the best birthday ever. Hm, without guests, sorry, just my girlfriend and I. 

Like here in the Netherlands, apparently it was beautiful spring weather out there this week, since Lillian wrote on Facebook: "You know Spring is really in the air when you not only take off your jacket to work in the yard, but dig a sun hat out of the closet. Got so warm I stripped down to a tank top for awhile. Yay!"

I still have to learn English, and at age of 65 some new Dutch words as well. I wrote this comment: 

"I had never heard the word tank top, and when Lillian strips down I'm obviously interested in the details, so I looked up the word in Dutch. It appears the Dutch word for "tank top" is "tanktop". That didn't bring me much further. I pictured Lillian on top of a tank, this beautiful spring of 1945, when the Dutch cheered our Canadian liberators rolling down the streets. Luckily there was this other picture as well, so I more or less have an idea now how far Lillian and the Canadian climate went today."

On top of a tank
Tank top

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