zondag 14 juni 2020

Mail from the Mayor

Dear Ytzen,

This is a reminder that from Monday 15 June, everyone travelling on public transport must wear a face covering. Please find further details here, including how to make your own face covering.

Please continue to avoid using public transport if you can and consider walking and cycling some or all of your journey to help make space for those who have no alternative way to travel.

As part of our Streetspace programme, we are working with boroughs across London to widen footpaths and provide more cycle lanes.

Due to the national requirement for social distancing, you might need to queue to enter stations. Please follow the signs and advice from our staff. Find out if your stations are among the busiest.

If you have to use public transport, please travel outside the busiest times of 05:45 and 08:15, and 16:00 and 17:30 on weekdays.

Please carry hand sanitiser with you and wash your hands after travel. Find out which stations have hand sanitiser points available.

Please continue to work from home where you can. If you must travel, our digital tools can help you plan your journey, including Journey Planner or our Facebook Travelbot.

Thank you very much for keeping everyone safe.Yours sincerely

Vernon Everitt
Managing Director, Customers, Communication & Technology

Transport for London

Mayor of London

London busdriver wearing face mask
This London busdriver covering his face with an improvised face mask is a friend of mine. He sent me this picture in April. He lived with me for several years in Houten, the Netherlands, before moving to London. In the Netherlands he worked for a British engineering company in logistics, in London he works for Abellio, a company owned by the Dutch Railroads NS. The Dutch Railroads daughter company runs several rail services in the United Kingdom and a number of bus lines for the Transport for London. Abellio is operating 750 buses with 2500 staff in Central, South and West London. At the bus driver's uniform you can see the NS Dutch Railroads logo. My friend, who's Dutch, is considering to move back with his family to the Netherlands in due time..

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