dinsdag 6 september 2011

Johan Cornelis

Johan Cornelis Lont (30 augustus 1959 - 6 september 2010)

@jclont on twitter:

Haha I'm creating a music video. Having a lot of fun. 
Not so sure about those who will watch it, but I myself am having fun!
19 jul 09 via web

The idea to put music on YouTube came after this tweet by @SaylaMarz
Yep, she was my muse.
19 jul 09 via web

Sort of. (I will be playing Bach, of course)
19 jul 09 via web

My box of 15 CDs with Gustav Leonhardt, released on occasion of his 80's birthday, came in the mail. His Goldberg Variations sound great. 1 jul 09
@SaylaMarz Brigid Marz:
@jclont Ick. Bach. I prefer romanticism to baroque. Shocker, I know.
2 jul 09 via web
@SaylaMarz Brigid Marz
@jclont lol I was just about to criticize your choice in youtube music!
20 jul 09

@SaylaMarz One day, I was playing Bach and thought, I wish I could let Brigid hear how romantic this sounds in my head. An idea was born.
20 jul 09 via web

@SaylaMarz After I finished recording, I realized I lack the skill to convince anyone that Bach sounds great, but I uploaded it anyway.
20 jul 09 via web

Yay, my music video is on YouTube! http://bit.ly/10QtEh
It's almost 8 minutes, but you can skip the middle part if you want.
20 jul 09 via web

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