zondag 7 april 2019

Slow exit

In his blog (*) professor Steve Peers of the University of Essex explains the proposed visa free travel into the EU for British citizens after Brexit. In a comment Tammy Harvey ends with the remark that unravelling the legal systems of UK and EU will take a long time: "40 years in, 40 years out". I wrote a comment to that.

Tammy Hervey, it's interesting that you mention "40 years in, 40 years out". It's what I've always said in discussions about how long the unification of Germany will take, but then the other way around: "40 years out, 40 years in". It's also the biblical period of the Exodus. The Hebrews wandered 40 years through the desert before they could enter the promised land. That's not just a symbolic period of time, it means one full generation needed to make the change.

There's one example to which this rule doesn't seem to apply: the seemingly seamless seperation of Czechia and Slowakia. Different scale, both countries within the EU, people knowing what they want: not necessarily new rules and regulations but being independent from the other more dominant nation. Whereas each nation on its own was more united than the British politicians will ever be. Still, compared to the Brexit, the peaceful Slowakia-exit (not a Slowexit) is a miracle.

(*) https://eulawanalysis.blogspot.com/2019/04/travelling-to-eu-after-brexit-schengen.html

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