vrijdag 3 september 2021

Help the Police!

Supplement 6/9/21: The crowd funding raised more than 200 euros, I was able to send her 2,252,993 Leones and she collected 750,000 Leones herself. With this she has the necessary 3 million leones to register for the medical examination, which is necessary to participate in the police mission in Somalia. In due course she will send a photo of her on mission. Thank you all very, very much.

Translation from Dutch

3/9/21 - Friday morning I got a call from a woman I know in Sierra Leone. She is a police officer in the capital Freetown and I know that she has recently been training for a UN mission abroad. She told me that she passed her exam and is ready for the mission. Almost. Because she still has to undergo a medical examination, which she unfortunately has to pay for herself. The inspection costs 3 million Leones, about 300 euros and she does not have that. She has until next Tuesday 7 September to register. She is going to ask for support in her immediate environment, but she asked if I can help too. I know that in Sierra Leone police officers work for a meager wage, they often have to scrape together their living. Deployment abroad also helps to make a personal step forward. I replied that I cannot cough up that amount in any case, but that I will think about what I can do.

Would crowdfunding be an option? It requires a chain of trust: for me and my story, the police officer in question and the mission. I have personally met her and have regular contact with her son Susu. If you want to help or have any questions, send me a (private) message. If you want to make a commitment or transfer money (preferably via PayPal or ask for my bank account), indicate whether it is a gift or a loan. I can guarantee a loan (with a term of say one year) and that everything will go to the police officer. Suggestions are welcome.

The UN supports Somalia through the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia, the UNSOM. The mission was established in 2013 by a unanimously adopted Security Council resolution. UNSOM, together with the mission of the African Union (AMISOM), supports the federal government of Somalia with, among other things, "peacebuilding, state-building, democratisation, constitutional reform, rule of law and security sector reform". Sierra Leone has been participating in AMISON from the very beginning of the missions.

The mission helps support, build and train a police force in Somalia. Special attention is paid to tackling (sexual) violence against women and children.

I don't know whether crowdfunding works out this way, but it is an offer to help two countries for the price of one.

Reply: http://blog.stylo.nl/p/contact.html

Help: https://paypal.me/ytzenlont

See the mission's website: https://unsom.unmissions.org/police

Read: Sierra Leone lauded for its contribution to Somalia's stabilization

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3ahzd45drg

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