vrijdag 26 november 2021

Domestic violence

Translation from Huiselijk geweld
It is very good that Prime Minister Mark Rutte is drawing attention to domestic violence in times when people have to sit at home more and have fewer places to escape it. But it is remarkable that he does not mention an substantial part of the victims. 'Women and children first' is good, they need protection, but there are also men victims of domestic violence. In about 40% of domestic violence cases, a man is a victim, about 80,000 men per year. In 2017, the Dutch statistics bureau counted 6.2% of adult women and 4.7% of adult men as victims of domestic violence. All forms of domestic violence require attention and tailor-made support. Women and children first is good, being silent on victims is dangerous.

* (Dutch) https://www.huiselijkgeweld.nl/vormen/huiselijk-geweld-tegen-mannen
* (Dutch) De melddrempel voor kindermishandeling en huiselijk geweld in een lockdown: https://thesis.eur.nl/pub/58579
* (English) video

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